Umjindi Eye by Richard Nkosi

Umjindi Eye: Beware of false prophets

Around here in our very own Umjindi, a pastor who claims to have resurrected a man from the dead, has emerged. The pastor’s tent, which is set up somewhere around Emjindini, always has a long line of people queuing in front of it.

Umjindi Eye

Emjindini township is in the grip of gangs who rule, rob, hack and assault as they wish. The community fears these ruthless young men who have no respect for the lives of others.

Umjindi Eye- Farewell Senzo Meyiwa

The last time I saw Meyiwa was last Tuesday at Mbombela Stadium when his team lost to my favourites, Mpumalanga Black Aces, 2-1. Had I known that would be our last goodbye, I would have said goodbye mate.

Umjindi Eye

I am a journalist by profession and a politician by choice. I am a resident of Emjindini, a citizen of Mpumalanga, but above all, I am a South African.

Umjindi Eye

Mandela Month has come and gone. Personally, I’m the first to acknowledge that the 67 minutes initiative for Mandela is a worthy project to support but it seems nothing more than a PR stunt for most organisations.