Life in Oman with Herbert Otto

Wherever the road takes me

The stark, vast desert has a captivating, riveting, spiritual beauty of its own. A beauty that cut so close to the heart, it is tangible, yet affable. It fills one with a deep sense of longing and love no other place other than the desert has.

Force of habit

Then Sundays we wake up late, or if our conscience bothers us enough, storm to church while nurturing a hangover. (Well, some of us).

I can’t stop sweating!

Imagine sitting in a tent with Moses, sweating, gasping for breath. No way. Couldn’t he take a train or a bus? They have aircon.

How to enjoy Oman

Did I mention that it is hot here. Not Marloth Park hot, HOT. Between Komatipoort and hell there is only chicken wire, here the wire is gone too. Hot. The camels sweat. (And bleat, or whatever it is that camels do.)

Starting a new life

In several ways life in the Middle East is similar to life in Africa. Inshala means ‘in time’ or ‘God (Allah) willing’. So if it does not happen today it may happen tomorrow, or it may happen in time.