Tuesday Life Hack: Five simple smartphone hacks you can never unlearn

Smartphones have become a mainstay in our day-to-day lives. They do not only provide us with the tools to stay in touch with our loved ones, but are also the companions that make life a little easier to manage. With new apps being developed, the endless updates and upgrades, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with these devices. Here are five tricks you may have not known about your smartphone.

1. When your cellphone signal decides to fail you

If you’re in an area where you are supposed to have cellphone signal but your phone is not picking it up, put it on airplane mode. When you switch it back to the network, it will register the network and find the towers in your vicinity.

2. When your phone freezes

You may have the desire to tap it a few times but this won’t be necessary. If your phone goes into freeze mode, try to lock it and unlock again. If that doesn’t work plug it into a charger and this should free it up.

3. Can’t find your EMEI phone serial number?

Just dial *#06# from your phone and your unique EMEI battery number should appear. Take a screenshot or make a note of it so that in the case your phone gets stolen or lost, you will have the number handy to trace it.

4. Low on battery?

Put your phone in airplane mode and it will charge faster without apps slowing down the charging process.


5. Can’t find your phone?

If you have misplaced your Android phone somewhere around your home and it’s on vibrate mode, you can locate it on another device by going to Google Play. Here are the steps:

Go to Google Play > Select Android Device Manager > Select Ring. Google will send an alarm signal to your Android phone.

For iPhone users, you’ll need to install the Find My iPhone app and make sure it is activated. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Open iCloud.com in any web browser.
  2. Log into your iCloud account.
  3. Click on Find iPhone in the main menu.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in if prompted
  5. Click on All Devices at the top.
  6. Click the Device you’d like to track
  7. Choose play sound option

What are some of your cellphone tricks you’d like to share? Comment below.

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