Your comprehensive guide to the Pokémon Go

Gone are the days of trading Pokémon tazos.  Pokémom Company (Niantic) has officially launched in South Africa. They have released the Pokemon Go app and you can now download it on your phones. For the past few months this game has been causing all kinds of havoc around the world.

To download the official release, you’ll be able to grab Pokémon GO in South Africa on iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Be sure to join the official Pokémon GO South Africa Facebook group.

The game lets you capture and train Pokémon in order to have them battle each other but the real catch is finding them in different locations via GPS.

Here’s the lowdown:

The game encourages players to catch all the monsters in different locations, which is impossible unless you trade with other players.

In a flash the game has captured the world’s attention and some strange activities have ensued.

People are finding their Pokémon in strange places…

Nerdist asked people to send some of the strangest places they’ve found Pokémon and these were some of the tweets.

Some even got super pissed at the missing accent on some of the Pokémon posts.

And there have been horror stories as well.

One was in Wyoming, where a 19-year-old woman walked down to a river with her phone to see if she could find a Poliwag or another water Pokémon. Instead she found a dead body.

giphy (1)

Pokémon Go has also given rise to a new industry of rideshare drivers who offer to drive gamers around for a fee. Another startup company called PokeWalk has offered training for gamers to get more Pokemon monsters. They even walk with them.

There has been reports of robberies where thieves have lured Pokémon players to dark places. In total, eight or nine people were robbed by the muggers in two days in Missouri, USA. Some players even went as far as searching inside the Darwin Police Station in Australia, which is marked as Pokéstop.


Some people have even taken to strapping their phones to strange objects.

Several players have started attaching their phones to record players, fans, bicycle wheels to decrease the amount of walking it takes to incubate their eggs.


Even the Holocaust Museum has requested to be removed from Pokémon GO.

This is after someone found Koffing inside the museum’s offices.


The Pokémon Go craze has also given us some funny memes too.





The weirdest fact of all? John Hanke says it’s taken him 20 years to create Pokémon Go.


You know you’ve made it when your Pokémon appears on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

pokemon-go-in-los-angeles (1)

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