Please remember your manners

Over the past month Barberton Times have received two calls from senior citizens concerning some or other issue they wanted us to write about.

On being asked a normal question, “In which part of town is that street, sir?” the first caller, a gentleman, totally flipped, accusing me of ignorance, and asked what I was doing here if I did not know where the street was. No, he was not asking, he was shouting, before throwing down the phone.

Sir, I still haven’t figured out which street or complex it was you were talking about, but I have a vague idea it is in the vicinity of Dikbas Avenue. Strictly speaking, out of town and a place I only frequent maybe three times a year.

The second caller, a lady, got highly upset when I told her, on deadline, that no, I couldn’t come and take a picture of the two-metre black adder they killed on Sunday. After I asked her why they killed it and did not phone someone to remove it, she too lost her temper, became rude and threw the phone down in a rage.

This is unacceptable. I don’t care how long you have been in Barberton, whether you have a map of the streets blueprinted in your brain or still believe the myth that snakes should be killed and have their heads beaten to a pulp upon discovery.

If anything, old age should be a time when wisdom truly sets in. I will not tolerate bad manners, regardless of age. My mother taught me to always greet, even if you don’t like the person. She taught me to conclude a phone conversation with at least a goodbye, under all circumstances.

Old age is no excuse for rudeness. In future, if you do not possess the ability to be polite, do not phone me.

Anchen Coetzee

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